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In the United States Armed Forces, a guidon is a military standard that company or platoon-sized elements carry to signify their unit designation and corps affiliation or the title of the individual who carries it. A Marine guidon, per regulation, is always rectangular, 22 by 28 inches (56 cm × 71 cm), with a scarlet field and gold lettering, and an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor centered.

Charlie Company 1st Battalion 7th Marines “Suicide Charley” is one of the only units authorized a second guidon in the United States Marine Corps. Charlie Company 1/7 a.k.a. “Suicide Charley” is authorized a white guidon with a skull and crossbones. The emblem is also seen on the Company’s black T-shirts which are authorized for Company PT uniform in place of a green T-shirt.

1st Battlion 7th Marines Mitchell Cup July 30 2017
Official Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Medina Ayala-Lo. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.