May 30 – 2018 Las Vegas Reunion Weekly Talk and updates:

By Travis LeMay

Ok Gents,

Deadline is almost here. We are now at the point where I will be sending Jason Lonon numbers for the Polo’s for the reunion as well as paying catering bills, Leatherneck Banquet hall and Hospitality suite. I hope to see a few more in the next few days ante up. If not, well I tried. I can honestly say there will be over 100 people who will have no regrets come July 20th.

I do not know if I will coordinate another reunion. I may, I may not still up in the air. If I don’t anyone that wants to pick up the torch and run please feel free. It has been a great experience organizing this one and helping with the last. I couldn’t have done it without help of course, Robert, Chet and Cpt Cozzens you have kept me on task to make this work.

My only regret is all those Brothers that went silent once it became a reality and will miss out on the events upcoming. As I stated before I know once pictures start circulating there will be a lot of Brothers that will regret not jumping on board or going dark after the info was passed out.

I hope that this will continue in the future, wherever we can do it so we can continue the Brotherhood of 2 guidons. For those Brothers that have signed up and put there names on the dotted line….again… I will see you in Vegas!!! Stand by for messages pertaining to hospitaly suite # and any current updates.

Semper Fi!

Suicide Charley Reunion